Thursday, April 18, 2013

Family History Pages

Well I haven't had any time for research on my Family Tree but I did find some time to preserve some of the stories of my ancestors and me.  I made some scrapbook pages of my Grandparents Corkish.  It took me all week to make these 7 little pages, but they are done and I am happy with them.  I will write one of my second cousins and see if she can find and send me a picture of my grandparent's home. 
So here are my pages.
Last Friday while at the Scrapbooking Convention I found these fun design templates and I purchased some and these pages are my first fun with the templates.  You use the templates to shape your pretty paper.  They are from Kiwi Lane Designs.

These two pages face each other.

Yup that is me as a kid.

Our last trip to Nantucket Island. Scanned and printed pictures.

Original pictures.
Some memories.

More memories and a picture of my friend Miriam and me at the beach.
A lot of the story is in this post, for easier reading.
Happy searching!