Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family History Pages

I haven't been able to do much research but I have been making some more Family History Scrapbook pages.  These are my Great Grandparents and some of their children.  They had 10 children my grandfather was the second oldest. 
This picture you saw in the Mystery Solved post.  The engagement picture of my great grandparents, Mary Ann Holmes and Walter Thomas Chaplin.
The gentleman in the middle is my great uncle Herbert Henry Chaplin.  This is in front of Buckingham Palace in 1952.

In the side car is my Great Uncle Walter Victor (Vic) Chaplin with some in-laws. Year unknown.

The picture below is the first picture I had seen of my maternal Great Grandmother.  My second cousin in England sent it to me about three years ago.  In the picture are children and their spouse and a couple of grandkids.
I am enjoying saving the pictures and the stories that go with them.