Saturday, April 16, 2016

DNA Test Results

When Ancestry had a sale on their DNA kits I took advantage of the sale and ordered a kit.  Last week my results came in.  Here is my Ethnicity estimate.  Great Britain 39%, Western European 39%, Eastern European 17% and 5% Trace.  No surprise since my ancestors came from England, Germany and Bohemia.  

The 5% Trace is interesting also. 

I once asked my Dad if there was any Jewish blood in us and he made up some crazy story about his grandfather bringing back a baby from Germany who had a Jewish relative.  I can't even remember what he said but I could tell it was made up. I was young then and I just felt I had Jewish blood in me.  I guess it was because I worked at Mount Sinai Medical Center on Miami Beach and all my little Jewish patients would ask me what is a nice Jewish girl like you doing here.  With a nose like that and a name like Hartmann you have to be Jewish plus I had a pretty strong New York accent at that time. 
Well I guess that < 1% Jewish blood came out in my nose. 
There is a couple of matches that are good, one is to my second cousin on the Bohemian side.  We know each other and meet on Ancestry.  I found another match with a Hartmann and their ancestor came from the same small town my great grandfather came from, but their parent names don't match but they might be cousins and not siblings.  I message that tree owner.  Here is hoping. This is one of my sides I would like to know more about.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Last month a fellow genealogist J Paul Hawthorne came up with a clever idea to show the place of birth of your ancestors. He used an Excel spreadsheet and my Facebook feed was filled for a couple of days with colorful charts. It was enjoyable to see all the variations of colors and places. 
Of course I participated.  Here is mine chart.

This lead me to another idea I had seen of an age chart and I had been wanting to do a Cause of Death Pedigree.  So I combined the two together and came up with the following. This chart is only 4 generations and not 5. 

You can click on the pictures to see a larger image. It was a fun idea and an enjoyable activity.  Paul even made a Pinterest board for the charts if you want to see some more. 

I just decided to play and I made a new chart just now, it is a Birth and Death Place Chart all in one. This even shows more migration of myself and ancestors. The top line is where the person was born the bottom line is where they died or in my case living.

Happy Searching!


Friday, December 18, 2015

They Said My Name Twice

That is a true statement!
And it is all because of a TV show with the same name.
Everywhere I went and everyday while the show was on TV 
people would say my name in the same annoying voice 
that is used in this video clip.
Mary Hartmann
Mary Hartmann

Yes I have two "N"s on the end of my Hartmann! 

I learned to make the best of it! 
Sometimes it would be fun and sometimes it wasn't.
Not so fun times would be when I went to the bank and tried to cash my paycheck. The teller would ask in all seriousness, 
"Is that really your name?" Just imagine the high pitched tone with that statement. And since I can be a little sarcastic I would reply, "No, that is why I am cashing a paycheck with 
that name on it."
Yes, back in the day you had to go to the bank every two weeks 
to deposit your check and get some cash. No direct deposits 
back in the 1970s. 
Also not so fun was when people would say to me, 
"I saw what you did on TV last night." or 
"I can't believe you drowned that guy in the chicken soup."
Hello people the show is using my name but I am not that person. 
One of the most annoying times was when I went to New York City to visit a friend and we went to the party and when I was introduced everyone spoke about the show. I tried to tell them about me but the show was more interesting to them. 
People it is make believe.  
My friend from Australia thought it was a true representation of Americans. I don't think so!

Some of the fun things were I made the newspaper because of my name. 

Guess who sowed up at Dade County jurors' pool the other day. Mary Hartman, that's who, that's who. Somebody made some crack about the TV connection, and the Miami's MH answered,
 "I had my name longer than SHE!"

Some times it was hard to come up with quick answered, you would think after a while, I would have a routine but I never did.  
One of my other comments was, "My grandmother had the same name, so it has a long history." 

When I worked at Variety Children's Hospital, now Miami Children's Hospital we all embroidered our names on our scrubs.  Here is a picture of me working in NICU with my name on my scrubs.  Yup I have it there twice.  My rings and watch were pined to my scrubs since we weren't allowed to wear jewelry and we did a surgical scrub when we came into work.

June 1977

People I worked with daily got tired of staying my name twice and so they shorten it to Mary Mary.

Another fun thing is it is a good ice breaker when introduced to new people, and people remember your name.  

My one sister in law told me people would give her a hard time about being Kathy Hartmann and wasn't she really Mary Hartmann or did she know Mary Hartmann. 

I only watched a few episodes because I worked evenings, 3 to 1130 at the hospital and it was on while I was at work.  I did see a couple of episodes on my evenings off, but I could never get into the show or understand it.  One of those shows you have to see from the beginning I guess. One of my best friends loved the show. I might have to watch it from the beginning one of these days.

Here is a link to Wikipedia about the show.

I had two friends that I would go out with one was Carol Burnett and the other was Anita Bryant.  Guys would never believe those were our names. I also had two other friends and the 
three of us were named Mary.  
So confusing and also not believe able but true. 

As time pasted you could tell when people hadn't heard about the TV show, as they were too young to watch it. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015

Thinking about the veterans I know and I wanted to share this post again.  
Too all Veterans...Thank You for your Service. 

These documents are my Mom, Annette's Separation Qualification Record.  She was in the Army Nurse Corps towards the end of and after the end of WWII.  She was stationed at the 248th General Hospital at Manila Luzon Philippine Islands.  She entered the service on 29 Mar 1945 and was relieved of active duty on 15 Aug 1947.  Her rank was 1st Lieutenant. 

She earned two medals

Asiatic Pacific Service Medal
WWII Victory Medal Front

WWII Victory Medal Reverse Side
We don't have her medals or any pictures she took while in the service.  She never told me about her experiences.  When I first asked she felt I was too young to know, when I was older she was too sick with Cancer to be asked. Pictures of the medals are from various web sites.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Helped

I haven't been doing much with my Genealogy lately too busy with kids and life.
I did take some time to index a batch for this event. 
It was a passenger list with 80+ names on it.  I thought it was never going to end but it did and hard handwriting, that did get a little easier once I got accustomed to the writing.  

Here is a screen shot of the second page.  

Click here to see all that was accomplished.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Last of the February Birthdays

The last two are Uncles. 
Uncle Richie is my Dad's brother and I am sad to say the last time I saw him was when I was eleven before I moved to Florida. He was a lot taller than my Dad and seventeen years younger.  He was a police man for the NYC police department.  
Born Feb 20, 1929 in College Point, Queens, New York died in 2009 in Hollywood, Broward, Florida.
When he retired he did move to Florida but I don't think my Dad ever saw him once he moved to Florida.  I remember my Dad was upset with him because he had divorced his first wife Eleanor Vent. Sadly I never reconnected with him once I was an adult.  I have no real reason, I just didn't.  I am truly sorry I didn't make the effort. 
I do have a picture of Uncle Richie some place but I am not going down that rabbit hole to look for it right now.  

Uncle Bill with my Grandmother Minnie Elizabeth Chaplin 

Now Uncle Bill I knew him better and was in contact with him by letters until he died.  We didn't have a close relationship but we were in contact and he was supportive of me. 
Born William Charles Chaplin on Feb 22, 1911, Brooklyn, King, New York and died March 21, 1992 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 
When I graduated from Community College with my ASN and passed my State Board as an RN, he sent me a medical caduceus under a nursing cap.  I still wear it on a chain around my neck. 
He sent me a beautiful portrait of my mother on her wedding day when I purchased my first home.  Uncle Bill was my mother's brother.  When I saw this picture of my mother I realized just how much I looked like her.  I have the same shape eyes.  
I have a few good memories of this good man.  
I wish I had know him better. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

More Belated February Birthdays

The next Birthday on the 11th belongs to my Son-in-Law Will.  He is a quiet, pleasant young man who makes my daughter Kierra very happy.  He severed our country in the Arizona National Guard. 

Will when he was in the Army.  Thank You for your service. 

The next Birthday on the 12th was mine.  A long time ago in a different state this baby girl was born and she has been busy and active since.  
My Baby Picture

Friday, March 6, 2015

February In Memory Of

Though I enjoy celebrating my birthday and make the best of it.  There are two dates in February I really don't like. 

The day my mother died and the day my mom who raised me died.

Here is a post I wrote about Fearless  Women Who Died Too Young. 

This following post is about my mother who gave me life and died too young on Feb 5th, 1949 a week before my first birthday.  

This last post is about Annette the mom who raised me until she died too young on Feb 4th, 1965 a week before my 17th birthday. 

For some reason this year I felt their lost a little more acutely than usual.  And as hard as those losses are they made me the women I am today so I am grateful for the experiences.  I also know that in many ways it is better than what my adopted daughters are going through.  As they repeatedly see the poor choice a mother makes and watch her slowly self destruct.  Maybe this contributed to my not wanting to write in February.