Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Made History

I did participate in this worldwide event. 
A fun experience I had while indexing was I indexed the obituary of E. B. white, the author of Stuart Little and Charlotte's web.  It was a very lengthy obituary.  It spoke about how he didn't like wasted or extra words and I kept thinking he would not like this obituary.
Here are the results of this event.
 You We set a record for the greatest number of indexing participants in a single day. A total of 66,511 volunteers participated and more than 5.7 million records were indexed! Share this badge with your friends to let them know you made history.
Thank you to everyone who joined in the worldwide indexing event! You set a record for the greatest number of indexing participants in a single day. A total of 66,511 volunteers participated and more than 5.7 million records were indexed! Share this badge with your friends to let them know you made history.

We want to hear about your experience! Submit your stories to fsindexing@familysearch.org.
Now to keep on indexing a little every week. I haven't done a lot since my two foster girls moved in on November 16, 2012.  I was asked by their grandmother to take them in the day before I retired.  On the day I retired I left work at 2PM and I had them by 330PM.  They our great nieces and sweet busy girls.  Soon we will be adopting them and then I will share more. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Life Story

Click here to see what I have been doing with My Life Story book.   You will see my binder cover and spine as well as my divider pages.  Oh here is a picture to peak your curiosity.
Happy Easter!

Monday, March 31, 2014

My Dad's Photo Album

My Dad made three or four photo albums of our family.  Think about that it was my Dad who made them not my Mom.  I have two of the albums.  I am not sure what happened to the others.  My brother who lived with my Dad until his death and lived in his home until the house sold did not have the albums when
I visited him in 2009. 
A few years back I had taken some of the pictures out of the book and placed them on black pages and wrote what my dad had written for each page.  I wanted my albums to all be 8.5 x 11.  I didn't feel good about this so I did not proceed with the project.  
Saturday morning while preparing to go scrapbooking with some friends, I hit upon a wonderful idea.  Why not cut the pages out of the books, leaving his pages intact and add them to my paper to fit my books.  I asked my fellow scrapers and they agreed. 
I am posting just some of the pages here.  Now that the pages are scanned I can also send copies to my brothers.

My Mom's & Dad's Wedding Day.   This is my second Mom that raised me, my Mother had died in February. 
Honeymoon in Niagara Falls both the NY and Canadian sides.  They swam in the Great Lakes.

And we came home

  Mary Puss  is home and - and fooling with Daddy
That was my nick name my Dad gave me and when
I was in a bad mood it became sour puss.
I did nine pages but I won't bore you with all of them.  I am happy with the results.  I may add some journaling notes and copy what my Dad wrote as his white ink is very faded on the black paper.  I even tried my white ink pen on the old porous paper and it soaks in and is very faded.  I want to save the information.
I did post more picture here.  

Here are the two album I have.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

15-19 Parsons Blvd My Childhood Home

This is the home I grew up in until I was 11.  When we moved to Florida.  I don't have a lot of good pictures of it but I remember it fondly. My nephew happens to be in NY now.  So I asked him to take a picture of the old house if he had time.  He did such an awesome job and went today.  He only arrived yesterday!
Mary 1949
Yes, that is me truly sitting on the steps.  The front yard had a slopping small hill to the sidewalk and a big maple tree in front.  

Old House how it looks now

Here is the house today.  The little hill has been leveled and walled in.  The lions do not fit my memory of the old home.  There looks like a lot of other plants are now in the front yard. And they painted the red brick front but left the big bricks or rocks natural. 

Mary & Dad in 1949
Below I am sitting in the upper level of the front yard just in front of the front door.  Here you can see on of the garage doors is open.  In those days they were manual, you had to get out of the car to open and close them.
Mary 1958
Here is my nephew, Kevin standing in front of the house in the drive way.  It looks like the bay window and garage have been updated.  Well it has been 54 years since I lived in the house, they would have to be updated.  I wonder what it looks like inside.
Kevin and the house today
Thanks Kevin for doing such a great job!
Street sign
Here is the corner street sign, this was the street I walled up the hill to go to PS 79 for kindergarten and first grade.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family History Pages

I haven't been able to do much research but I have been making some more Family History Scrapbook pages.  These are my Great Grandparents and some of their children.  They had 10 children my grandfather was the second oldest. 
This picture you saw in the Mystery Solved post.  The engagement picture of my great grandparents, Mary Ann Holmes and Walter Thomas Chaplin.
The gentleman in the middle is my great uncle Herbert Henry Chaplin.  This is in front of Buckingham Palace in 1952.

In the side car is my Great Uncle Walter Victor (Vic) Chaplin with some in-laws. Year unknown.

The picture below is the first picture I had seen of my maternal Great Grandmother.  My second cousin in England sent it to me about three years ago.  In the picture are children and their spouse and a couple of grandkids.
I am enjoying saving the pictures and the stories that go with them. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mystery Solved

Back in May of 2010 I wrote this post about a picture of an unknown couple.  One of my second cousins in England had sent it to me.  He thought it might be from the New York branch of the family.  The copy of the picture he had was in a cardboard folder with the name of a photography studio in Brooklyn, New York.  My Grandfather and a couple of his brothers from England lived in Brooklyn, New York.  I had hopes of it being my grandparents. 
Well time has passed and my second cousin found another cousin and went and meet her and they had a lovely visit.  This cousin is a granddaughter of the second youngest son of our Great Grandparents.  So she is a generation closer then we are.  She told us the picture was an engagement picture of our
Great Grandparents. 
My first reaction was this is right, I could see a younger version of my Great Grandparents in the faces.  But I had to raise the question of the Brooklyn folder.  My cousins went back and checked with the granddaughter and she confirmed it was a picture that was in her home as she grow up and it was of her grandparents on their engagement.  I am taking her word for it.   There must have been several copies of the picture.  Somehow one of them made it to New York and was placed in a folder from Brooklyn.  Maybe someone needed the frame it was in to put a new family picture and placed the old family picture in the folder.  Somehow that folder with the picture made it back to England.  The granddaughter confirmed that the sons in New York sent money back to their Mom when she became a widow.   
So here is the picture of
Mary Ann Holmes and Walter Thomas Chaplin
on their engagement.   
I wonder why her face is so serious.  Maybe it was the style of photography at that time. 
Here is the only other picture I have of my Great Grandparents together. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Family History Pages

On Friday and Saturday I managed to find some time to myself and I did some scrapbooking. 
In the top page has a picture of my great uncle Herbert.  His granddaughter in England is my Genealogy research buddy. We meet on Ancestry.com and we have really enjoyed each others friendship as we search for the stores of our family.
Herbert was a Vice President at Canada Dry Ginger Ale company back in the day.  This is his second wife Gertrude.  I have ship passenger lists with their names on the list.
These are also great a great uncle and great aunt.  They are on a tarmac ready to board a plan off to some great adventure.  I don't know a lot about them, other than they were first cousins that married but had no children.
My first cousin sent me these pictures.