Saturday, April 24, 2010

Almanac Inspired Post

The Family Curator Blog is hosting an Almanac post suggestions with a weekly theme. This weeks theme is gardening. Now I don't really remember my Dad gardening but I do remember we always had a lovely flower garden each summer when we lived in New York. Here he is in July of 1949 working in the front yard. The dogwood tree bloomed each year and we had Lilies of the Valley. If he did work in the garden it had to be on his days off from the firehouse. We had a lot of yard in our home in Whitestone New York, there was a slopping front yard and a two level back yard. The lower level backyard was the well kept grass. The upper level back yard had the swing set and sand box for us kids.

When we moved to Florida he had planted lovely tropical plants around the house.

There are some other pictures of me in the front yard with him on this day but in this picture I'm sitting on the steps up to the upper level back yard. Sitting under the dogwood tree, which would have lovely blooms in spring. In front of the dogwood tree was a 3 foot wide garden area that ran the length of the lower level back yard. This is were all the lovely flowers would be each spring and summer.

These pictures where from a photo album he had made and yes that was my nick name you see across the top of my picture. And if I was in a bad mood I was called "sour puss". And I have to admit it does fit. Luckily I'm not in a bad mood often.


  1. What a nice post, and gardening puts me in the mood for spring. However, we are many weeks away from gardening here in New Hampshire. It's snowing right now!

  2. Thanks Heather for stopping by, here is a link to my other blog and you can see some pictures of spring here in AZ, our high today 92, low 64.