Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My 10 Blog Nominations

This has been fun and hard. So many of my favorite blogs have already received this award. I guess a lot of people like the same ones I do, we all have such good taste. I wanted to share the wealth so I went through all my favorites and my followers, see I check your blogs also. I found my 10 nominees. It was fun to revisit some of these sites. I have to be honest I don't have the time to follow everyone everyday even with google reader.

Tina Gen Wish List
TK Before My Time
Gini Ginisology
Cindy Everything's Relative
Amanda A Tale of Two Ancestors
Diana Random Relatives
Apple Apple's Tree
Lucie Acadian Ancestral Home
Bill West in New England
Kathleen You Are where You Come From

So now I'm going to leave a comment on all of these blogs.

Have a great day!

PS I just left all my tags you are it comments and more than half of my nominees had been already nominated. I didn't find that out until I saw the comments left just before mine. We all have such good taste in blogs! There are some really excellent blogs out there. All our Ancestor should be proud!