Saturday, December 27, 2014

Genealogy Do Over

Boy this has been a hard decision.  
I know I need to do a do over, to make sure everything is in order and document my research better.  You know get those sources where they need to be.  And actually do those research logs. 
So that part wasn't hard.  
The hard part was making the commitment.  Things are busy at my house with two little girls who need a lot of attention.  So I have a fear that I will fall behind and not keep up.  But wait this is my 
Do-Over so I don't have to keep the same schedule so what if it take me two or three weeks to do each step what difference does it make, none.  The important part will be doing the steps.
   I need to make time to do this for myself and for others who will pick up where I leave off.  
Hopefully, there will be someone who will 
want to pick up were I leave off. 
So I will be participating in GeneaBlogers Genealogy Do Over.
Wish me luck!

The other thing I wanted to do this year was recognize my ancestors and family members on their birthdays or anniversaries and add little stories about each person on my family tree.  I only have 155 people on my tree.  I was hoping this would also help me get back into doing my genealogy.  So yesterday I printed off a calendar list from my Legacy genealogy program.  Right away I noticed something that I can fix.  At the top of several months there are people or events without dates, So I have already found information that is missing and needs to be found.  
 Each month has 6 to 8 people who have birthdays or anniversary.  I think this will really help be get interested in doing my genealogy again.  I mean after all the girls are in school 6 hours a day. I can crave some time out of the day for me and genealogy.  

Hear is to a new, exciting and busy New Year with good results!
Wishing you all success in 2015!