Thursday, June 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History Sports

Sports. Did you have a favorite sports team as a child? If so, which one and why. Did your parents follow the same teams? Do you still support the same teams?

I had no interest in sports as a kid neither did my parents, but I think they were Yankee fans or my Dad was. I still have no interest in sports, I have been to games, and they are fun in persons but I don’t follow them. My Mom made me take tennis lessons so I would be well rounded when I was a teen. I hated to run and I hated to sweat. I only work out because it is good for me, not because I like it.

The only sport I really enjoyed doing was scuba diving. I loved being on the ocean in a boat, I loved being in the water. I had a dive journal and made a total of 19 of dives.  I did most of my dives in the Atlantic Ocean around the Florida Keys. I can still remember to this day the pains in my arms I had after I passed the swimming test to take the class. I do not remember how many laps I had to swim, but it was a lot and I didn’t swim daily. The instructors need to know we could swim, of course that makes sense. We also had to tread water for 10  minutes or more, first with our arms over our heads then down. When I finally was finished and I went home to shower and shampoo my hair my arms where so sore I could not lift them higher than my shoulders to wash my hair. So I bent my head down to reach my hand, first one side then the other.

 I wasn’t crazy about the classes in a pool and my first open water dive was in a narrow Florida canal and that was no fun either, lots of murky water and nothing to see. But after my second open water dive off the Florida Keys I was hooked and in love with it. The openness of the ocean was wonderful, the coral reefs and the fish were wonderful. I was never attached by a barracuda or a shark. Though my dive instructor came up and pinched me on the leg once when I had just swam by a school of barracuda and I almost sprouted wings and flew right out of that water.

The most interesting dive I ever took was a night dive. In our diving manual we had this night dive cartoon of a scuba diver in a totally black picture except for his eyes in his dive mask and his flash light beam. Doing a night dive feels just like that, you can see what is only in front of you in your flash light beam. There are lights on the bow and the back of the boat, and one flashes and one is a steady beam so you know which end of the boat to come up at, otherwise it is dark. On my first dive of the night I was so nervous I sucked my air tank dry in no time. I was more relaxed for my second dive. We dived the Benwood wreck in the Keys and saw fish sleeping in between the ribs of the ship and night shrimp moving around with their bright bands of red and white.
This link tells you about the ship and how it sank of the coast of Florida, a Germany U Boat was involved.

Inside of Log book with the first of my two night dives.

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