Monday, June 27, 2011

Not my Journey

This is not my journey but another person's journey.  I meet this person for a few minutes but I want to wish him luck on his journey.  Maybe if all my genealogy friends reads this story they will wish him luck also. 

I was traveling for work and while site seeing, you can read more about my trip on my quilting blog.

Plaque Outside Fort Laramie
 We stopped so I could get out of the car and take a picture of this plaque. Here I meet a Welshman who was following one of his ancestor's.  His ancestor had "joined the Mormons and he was following the trail all the way from Omaha, Nebraska to Salt Lake City, Utah". We were having a hard time getting the picture. He ended up standing on the fence rail in front of the monument and he offered to take one for me. I noticed his accent and asked where he was from, he said Wales. I mentioned I have a second cousin in Wales but of course I don't know the area he where lives. My other second cousin told me but I forgot. This was all the conversation we had. But the exchange left an impression on me. I wished we had exchanged names or something. He seemed to be on a hurry or was it a sense of determination I felt. 

I have thought of him often and wonder how his trip is going. What did he hope to accomplish and has he accomplished his goal? I wish him well on his journey!  I hope he finds all the answers he came in search of. 

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