Sunday, June 12, 2011

Google News Timelines

I found this video about Google News Timelines thanks Lisa Louise Cooke. I checked it out and found it very interesting to see some of the top news items of the year my Great Grandfather Joseph Hartmann immigrated to New York City from Germany in 1868. 
I remember thinking when I learned the year of his immigration that things had to be pretty bad in Germany to come to the United States only three years after our Civil War.

I saved my search closed out of the news timelines and went back in and it opened to my search.  I will have to see what happens when I do several searches. 

Here are some of the top news items I saw that were interesting to me.  Unfortunately the links didn't work, but maybe that is a good thing or I would have spent a lot of time reading about them all.

The last one is my favorite as a kid I loved to go to the Museum of Natural History.  When I went back to New York when I was 20, I also sent a couple of days there. 

One small step for me and my family.

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