Wednesday, June 29, 2011

52 Weeks Of Personal History: Cloths

Playing catch up again.

Week 24. Clothes. What types of clothes did you wear as a child? What was “in fashion” and did your style compare?. What types of clothes did you wear as a child? What was “in fashion” and did your style compare?

When I think of my life and cloths I think of uniforms.  I went to Catholic school and nursing school and worked as a nurse.  I wore uniforms.  When I was a out playing I wore pants or shorts with shirts.  And lots of dresses for Sundays and special events.  I was in my twenties when I purchased my first pair of blue jeans.

I don't have a picture in the uniform I wore at St. Luke's Elementary school.  It was a blue jumper with a white blouse with a peter pan collar.  Topped off with a clip on navy blue bow tie with tales.

When we moved to Florida and I went to St. Clements Elementary school we had a light green and white stripped jumper with white a blouse, no tie.  No pictures of those either. 

And because I like pictures in my posts here comes the fashion show. 

Mary in Cardinal Gibbons HS uniform on campus

Same uniform in front of my home

LPN Graduation 1966

Mary in Scrubs giving chemo 1992

Mary 2008
 Here I am in my last uniform that I wore as a Clinical  Informatics Coordinator.  My current job, this picture was taken in 2008.  Now we don't wear these any more.  I miss them.  Only because it was easy to pick out and put on, no decision of what should I wear today. 

Do I follow cloths trends, no, I just wear what makes me feel comfortable.  At home I wear my old scrubs, they are comfy.  When I am out and about I am in jeans when it is cool, slacks or Capri's when it is hot with a blouse or polo shirt. Of course on Sunday it is a dress.

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