My Photo Pedigree

I redesigned my family chart and took a screen shot to load it here.  I use Legacy as my genealogy software and this is one of their chart features.  This picture of me on this chart was taken September of 2008 at quilt camp in Prescott, AZ.

Mary E. Hartmann
picture taken 1980
George J. Hartmann Jr                                  Edith I Chaplin
picture taken 1945
George J Hartmann Sr & Mary Jirak     William T. Chaplin & Minnie E Spahn
picture taken 1913                                                     unknown

I made this many years ago probably in the early 80s.  That picture of me was taken while I was on my mission in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Behind my head is a map of the city of Santa Cruz.  I made copies of my parents pictures and my Dad's parents many years ago.  The pictures of my Mother's parents I scanned today and printed, not very good quality but some day I'll take those photos and have a couple of copies made so I can cut them up, just not today.  To bad I don't have any other pictures.  Cameras have come a lone way.

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