Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Unknown Couple

One of my new found cousins in England sent me this picture today. We do not know the couple, my cousin thinks the young man is a Chaplin. We know 3 Chaplin brothers came to the USA and lived in Brooklyn, New York. We know it was taken in Brooklyn New York. I think her dress is more 1890's in style than 1900's but I'm not a fashion whiz. In other words I have no clue what year the dress is from.

This picture evokes strong emotion in me, she almost looks like she is grieving a lost and he is comforting her. It is very tender and caring.

Here is a picture of my grandmother at about age 36, with my aunt Bea & my mother Edith. Do you think there is any resemblance? Part of me thinks there is, or is it just because I want it to be my grandmother and grandfather?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

I haven't done this topic suggestion before but after what I received in the email yesterday I thought it was a perfect day to post this special entry. As some of you who follow me on Facebook know, I meet a second cousin this week from England on my mother's side. We have been sending emails back and forth all week. I sent her some pictures I had of Chaplins. And yesterday she sent me some pictures of Chaplins in England.

When I read the email and she told me who was who in the picture and I read that the lady front row center is my Maternal Great Grandmother, it brought tears to my eyes. Do you know what it is like to work with someone over the phone for a long time and suddenly meet them and have a face to put to a name. It's kind of fun and completes the relationship. Every time you talk to them on the phone after that, you think of how they look.

Well this is what this was like only stronger. This is family. This is the first picture I have of any great grandparents.

Her names is Mary Ann Holmes Chaplin, she raised 11 children and my hat goes off to anyone who can do that, I had my hands full with 3. She was preceded in death by her husband, my grandfather William T, another son Percy, and my mother her grand daughter Edith. Even if they were in America and she was in England, that had to hard on her. An ocean may separate you but a heart is never separated.

Now for the other people in the picture front row, Elsie a sister to my grandfather, Mary Ann, Victor a brother to my grandfather and he is holding Baby Ruth, who is Elsie's granddaughter.
Standing George Ward, Lilian the parents of Ruth and unknown. Lilian is a daughter of Elsie and George is her husband.

Here in this picture are the Chaplins in America, Back row, Great Uncle Victor, Uncle Bill my Mother's brother, Great Uncle Herbert. The lovely ladies are Bunnie Uncle Bills wife and my Mother Edith.
I'm not sure how much Victor was in America but he died in England.

A BIG Thank You to my cousin in England for sharing with me, she was very generous with her information. Plus, I hope I have a new friend.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Pop

April 11, 1969 this article was in the Sun Sentinel News paper in Fort Lauderdale Florida. It was the front page of the Life section, if I remeber right. A reporter my Dad had know as a member of Parents Without Partners wrote this article. I did not post each section of the article that I have scanned because it would just be too much.

I thought I had an uncut copy of the article and I could have sworn I saw it in the last month or two but I can't find it now. I hate it when I do things like that. Now where did I oput it for safe keeping?

My Dad worked hard and really was overwhelmed with the lost of his two wives, my two mothers. He did the best he could and shared many important life lessons with us. He was both mother and father to the boys. I was 21 by this time and had been gone from the house but was temporally back home at this time. It shortly after this that I moved out permanently. In the article it mentions that George my brother was dating the girl across the street a year or so later he and Joyce did marry.

I missed the interview because I was working. I was interviewed by phone and was miss quoted.

In case you are wondering I wasn't in the picture because I was working the day it was taken and also I didn't play golf with the boys. I tired it once but didn't like it. It is a nice article and a nice tribute to my Dad. Who did a good job under very difficult circumstance. The organization of Parents Without Partners was a big help to my Dad.