Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almanac Inspired Blog Post

The Family Curator is hosting a almanac inspired blog post based on weekly themes for April.

This week's theme is Baseball. Our family history around baseball is very slim. We were NY Yankee fans, but I don't remember Dad taking me to a ball game or my brothers. The only baseball fun we did celebrate were eating hot dogs. We liked them grilled, steamed with brown mustard and relish or kraut. I still enjoy a good hot dog. Sometimes Richard & I go this fun place in Tempe, AZ called Ted's. They also have excellent onion rings.

I have been to two or three baseball games, one when I first moved here to AZ, during spring training. I didn't find it very interesting. In 2005 I went to another game with one of my co-workers Linda. She was a big baseball nut, she even kept score, I wanted to visit, eat and watch some action, not much action in baseball game.

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