Friday, April 9, 2010

Look What I found!

While checking out hints on I found two fun documents. Well I don't know if fun is the right word but when you are into Genealogy it is fun. I found my grandpa George's WW I and WW II draft registration cards. To bad this is so hard to read, but I was able to transcribe some of it. Maybe someday I'll fine a better copy.

This what I was able transcribe. Some of it like the address looked vaguely familiar so I checked my Dad's birth certificate and it is the same address. The birth dates may not match but I'm sure if the card says Apr or Sept. His work address also looks to be the same at the one on his WW II draft registration card. It does also have his physical description on the right side. Yes the stout gene is a very Hartmann trait!

Now this document really made me excited. Notice the address, it is the same address I lived in since I was born and until I moved to Florida in 1959. This is the house my Dad told us he and his Dad built.
I didn't find my Dad's card for WW II, he did not serve in the armed forces because he was a New York City fireman, so he was exempt, or so the story goes.

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