Monday, November 5, 2012

Gratide # 4

Gratitude #4
I was so worn out yesterday I didn't have the energy to post my gratitude message so this one is for Sunday!

Pet you have to love pets. I have had a couple of dogs but I am really a cat person. I like that animals can sense when you need a little affection. Rosie my current cat will meow very loudly when Richard & I are having a loud conversation. It is almost like stop it you guys or use your inside voice.
Smokey wants to help me sew
The other night I had trouble sleeping and she cuddle right up next to me very close as if to say it all will be alright. She sleeps with me every night but this was different than normal.
The thing I noticed about dogs and finally made me decide I didn’t want any more was they are just too excitable. The jump and bark when you come home, you can hardly get in the door, then you have to walk them four times a day, when I had dogs I didn’t have a back yard. The last one I had howled when I was at work, not great for neighbors.
Rosie helping me sew
Cats are quiet, they let you come put your things down and come over and leave you alone for a while. They are there and just keep you company. Of course when they are young they want to be in the middle of whatever you are doing. I have grateful for the little four legged furry guys that have kept me company during my life.

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