Monday, November 12, 2012

Gratitude # 10

I am grateful for nature and all the marveles it holds. My favorite is the ocenn. I love the ocean and the marvels it holds. I love the sound of the waves on the sand as they lap in and out. I love the feel of warm water on my body and the ablity to float.
I have scuba dived in the Atlantic Ocean around the Florida Keys and in Bimini. I have seen fish and coral of many colors. I have taken a night dive in a ship wreck and saw fish sleep in the ribs of the ship and night shrimp dance on the bottom of the ocean. I have seen waters so clear that you think it is 6 feet to bottom and it is 12 feet.
Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys
I have hiked the Grand Canyon and every time I see the Canyon I marvel at it’s beauty and majesty. I have huffed and puffed as I climbed out of the canyon but every step and every pound of that backpack was worth it. I have sat behind Mooney Falls at Havasupai Canyon and swam out from the falls. I have felt the power of the water falling. I had an under water disposible camera with me and took pictures as I floated out from the falls.
Climbing down to Moody Falls 1995
I have hiked the Grand Canyon once, Havasupi Canyon three times.
I enjoy seeing all the beauty that has been created for us to see and enjoy.

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