Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gratitude # 8

Today I am grateful for Saturdays.  Yes, today is a Saturday.  I enjoy my day of being with friends and doing the a secret project and being creative.  Some Saturdays are for running errands and doing chores.  Some Saturdays are for resting and hanging out.  They sure are a nice change from the work week.  Today is my last Saturday before a work week.  This will be my last week working. 
My husband is very excited because I promised him when I retire I will go grocery shopping by myself  and we won't go any more after dinner on Saturday evening.  I'll be doing it by myself on a week day. 
It was also our first cool day of the fall.  A high of 63 degrees.  It feels wonderful. 


  1. Saturday's are great, Mary! They just have a different feeling than any other day don't they . . . a wonderful thing to be grateful for . . . thank you for a great post and reminder of how I love Saturday's too! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Gini,
      Thnaks for stopping by, reading my posts and leaving a comment! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!