Friday, November 2, 2012

Graditude #2

Grateful for #2

My kids, they came with Richard when I married him. What a ride! Fulled with joy and pain, work and fun. They have taught me so much about life and love. Even some lessons I didn't want. I love them each and want the very best for them. They have blessed my life. I hope I have done my best for them.
I hope they each know how much I love them. I never had my own kids but I have always called these kids, "My Kids" because they came into my life and I wanted them to be in my life.
Kierra and her husband Will

An amazing young women, smart, self motivated and goal orientated.
Every role of film I would develop I would find one or two pictures of Klint like this one. It would drive me nuts. Now I just laugh, I am sure he will be doing this for a long time. He is our joker.
Kinsen moving out 2011
This is one of the nicest, sweetest young men you will ever meet. He is also disciplined, loyal and loving. He is also known as "Mini Mr. B.".

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