Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gratitude # 11

Today and every day I am grateful for my lovely home in a nice neighborhood. I love coming home to my home, it just makes me feel good inside. I sigh a sigh of relief when I pull into my garage. It is my haven from the world. I pray that all that enter here come with peace and love in their hearts and I hope they feel our peace and love when they enter.

Richard & I made it a good home, not just a house. It is just the right size and close to the things I need. I also have nice neighbors and a great ward (church) Community. It isn’t big and fancy but it is warm and comfy. It meets our needs.
Richard closed in our patio and made it a lovely room for computers and my short arm quilting frame. He is so talented with his building skills. It was fun to see him work & learn when he built this room. Plus the end results are wonderful. He is also did a great job on his Man Cave. We even use it for Thanksgiving dinner as an over flow, the kids love to eat out there.
And I make the quilts to cuddle with and decorate with.
Such a good fit.
Plus this year our home has had an almost complete remodel inside so it is even more beautiful!


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