Sunday, January 24, 2010


Here is my dad, George J. Hartmann, Jr. on his wedding day. He use to tell me he gave me all his hair when I had long hair down to my waist when I was about 10. He had less hair when I was 10 then he did here.

Here is my Mother, Edith I Chaplin on her wedding day Oct 9th 1945. I have a picture of the two of them together but my scan is broke, so watch for it on another day.

Today I worked on checking all my information on my Dad & my Mother. It's funny what you never notice is missing. I just realized today I was missing the Christening dates on both my parents. Not something essential to identifying who they are but a nice to have.

It would be nice to have my mother's information because she was not raised Catholic and she did convert to Catholicism to marry my Dad. Or so the story goes.
I also learned more about my Legacy Family Tree software and that in turned taught me some things to fix on my parents.

My Dad's Birth Certificate has his last name spelled wrong, Hartman with one "N" instead of two. A problem I have dealt with all my life. So now he has a AKA note on him as does my mother. Her Birth Certificate has her as Edith Minnie Chaplin, but her marriage certificate has her as Edith I. Chaplin. My Aunt Bea told me she changed her middle name at some time in her life.

I made good notes and sited sources, since I have them. Boy that print is getting too small to read.

One small step for me and my ancestors


  1. Great start! I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Welcome to the Geneablogosphere! Check out Geneabloggers for great blogging ideas (and I hope you'll read mine once in a while, too! [smile]).

  3. Congratulations on beginning a blog. It's fun that you began with your parents (where we all start when beginning genealogy) and posted photos. Best wishes with your blog.
    Nancy from My Ancestors and Me at