Sunday, June 6, 2010

My First Genealogy Society

As I learn more about genealogy one of the suggestion I have heard is to join a genealogy association or society. So here is the story of how I joined this one.

One night while looking around in blogland I came across Michelle Goodrum blog. She had a page of societies and organizations and I noticed one of them is here in Arizona. So I left a comment and she answered. I went to my first meeting in May and joined on the spot. This month on Wednesday evening she was one of the speakers and did a very nice Google demo and had a great looking handout for everyone. Of course we did visit after the meeting. It is always fun to meet new friends in blogland but the fun is increased as you get to meet them in person.
She has a very nice blog go check it out! Michell she is also part of GeneaBlogger. For those of who who don't know what GeneaBlogger is go to the link to check it out. Thomas is the master mind of GeneaBlogger and he follows 900 blogs about genealogy. He is the person who encouraged me to start my blog at the January Family History Expo. On one page he has the links to all the blogs and on another page he has all the blogs listed by categories, it just amazing the what he does. He is a sharing and encouraging person.

Also updated two of my pages, and the tabs are above to see my other pages.
Have a great day!


  1. Mary

    Wow did you brighten my rainy Sunday here in Illinois! Thank you so much for the kind words and the shout out on GeneaBloggers!

    And I am so happy you were able to find a genealogy society nearby that works for you! Michelle is a wonderful person and I am looking forward to seeing her in Loveland, CO at the Family History Expo there June 25-26, 2010!

  2. This is inspiring. I've been working on my genealogy for 30 years but never belonged to a local club. I just joined one over the border in Massachusetts and I'm looking forward to meeting with other genealogists. We can always learn and share, whether we are newbies or not!

  3. Yeah! You got your badge!

    I love your story. It reminds me of the unanticipated benefits of blogging - meeting other genealogists.

    Hope to see you soon.