Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today would be my Dad's 98th Birthday if he was still with us.  He is on his wedding day to my Mom, Annette Corkish.  He was 36 in this picture on June 25th 1949, just a couple of weeks until his birthday.

Some of his favorite sayings are:
        There is no such thing as a free lunch.
        If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
        If you want something you have to work for it.
        If you can read you can do anything you want in this life.

I'm sure there were more but I can not think of them at this time. 

One of my memories I have of him is he had a money jar in the kitchen cabinet and he knew every penny that was in it and I mean every cent.  It was very difficult to take any money from the jar because he would miss the money and he would point out to you exactly how much was missing.  I only tried once.  He had a thin stack of half sheets of paper and he would divide the paper into eight equal parts.  One square for each day of the week and a total square.  He used both sides of that paper.  That is how he accounted for all his money.  Everyday he would write down what he spent and totaled it on the end of the week.  He had no credit cards until later in life.  He was practical with money.   He believed in work and working hard. 

Well Dad, I hope you are having a good day!
Love me,

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your father, Mary. He was born the same year as my father and it seems that they both had similar standards, considering the quotes you posted. What a good accounting system your dad had for his money. In general, people were more careful with money in those days, I think. Even a penny was worth something (unlike today when I sometimes see pennies thrown on the floor.) Also, I can see the family resemblance between you two.