Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Family in History

Yesterday my cousins in England and I were looking into the immigration of the Chaplin brothers. William Chaplin one of the brothers was my grandfather, Herbert another brother was the grandfather of one of my cousins in England. Cousin Sue, a fourth cousin found a couple of dates. I did some more searching and found the ships they came in on I took screen shots of the ship's passenger list and sent them back to the cousins.  Sue sent back a message about the name of the ship. As I was looking at the passenger list and the name of the ship yesterday, I thought that sounds familiar. Today Sue reminded me why. It was sunk off the coast of Ireland by a Germany U-Boat and was the action that brought the US into WWI.

The Lusitania in NYC Sept. 13, 1907, Maiden Voyage

Yes, my great uncles sailed on the Lusitania, luckily they didn't sail on the last voyage but on the Maiden Voyage into New York City.   You can see their names below, in the red box.  Lines 3 and 4. Herbert & Bertram Chaplin.  If you look to the far right you will see the name of the nearest relative in England.  Walter T. Chaplin who is our Great Grandfather.

Lusitania Passenger List.

Next page of list
I do not know what passenger class they sailed.  Herbert was coming to visit Bertram who already lived in Brooklyn, Kings, New York.  My grand father immigrated in 1906 to live with his brother Bertram.  I haven't found when Bertram first arrived in New York, that will be one of my next searches.  Herbert did go back to England and marriage a gal there, which is how I have a second cousin in England. 

Actually these brothers are four of ten siblings, so I have a lot of  cousins in England.  I just don't know them all yet.



  1. Nice find, and great post to show the ships and the two images. Is your family related to Charlie Chaplin?

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment, no we are not related to Charlie.