Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aunt Em

While looking for some old photos the other day I found a couple of my Aunt Em and me.  These where taken in 1984 before I moved to Arizona.   I went to visit her in Cocoa Beach, Florida before my move, I lived in Miami.  This is the same Aunt Em I wrote the poem about last post

Aunt Em & Mary, she still have the smile!
People thought we could be mother and daughter when they saw us, not a bad thing.

Aunt Em, Uncle Gus & me
 Here we are with her husband "Gus" Ronca.  She was a lot more fun than my Dad, she must have gotten that from her mother Mary.  A letter I have from a great uncle said Grandma Mary was a lot a fun and all the cousins liked to go to her house.  I felt the same way about my Aunt Em. 

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