Friday, November 26, 2010

More Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Decoration, No I didn't make it.
Some more thoughts I have had about Thanksgiving how they are different from when I was a kid. 

Sweet Turkey, I forgot to have the kids take the lollipops

When I was a kid the adults all sat at one table and the kids sat at a card table in the living room.  Our house in New York had a formal dinning room and a kitchen.  Now we have all the generations sitting together.  Extra tables are pressed into service but they are in the living room, or here in Arizona out on the back porch or car port.

We use to sit and visit for a long time, now everyone has to run off and visit another family. 

Thanksgiving Decorations

I never remember my Mom having Thanksgiving decorations.  I have several favorite pieces.  On second thought she might have had one of those folded things that you unfold and it forms an item like a paper pumpkin, with a card board stem.  I can see a bell in my minds eye but I am not sure about Thanksgiving.  I don't have any old photos of Thanksgiving, so I can't say.  I guess they didn't like to stop visiting to take pictures any more than I like to stop visiting to take pictures. 
Click Here to see pictures of Thanksgiving present.

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