Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Dad's Address Book

Back in March when I was visiting my brother he gave me my Dad's cigar box and inside the box was his address book.  Below is the inside cover of his address book with all his addresses he lived at in Florida, the top one is were I lived as a kid. 

Notice the little cross in the top center.  My Dad did that on every document, letter, budget page he wrote one. 

Inside of cover
Here is an inside page of the address book.  When I first saw his entries I was thrill to see how he label each person with their relationship to himself.  I am even listed as his daughter.  I won't show those pages tonight.  I plan to track them on Google Maps so I can see all the different areas I lived at in Miami, Florida.  This book doesn't any of my Fort Lauderdale addresses. 

Some other Hartmanns with relationship
This is definitely a treasure to have, thanks Don for giving it to me.

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