Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Pages

Well I have been doing some scrapbooking, this time of my family and ancestors.  So that is why I am posting it here.
This lovely teenage girls is my Aunt Bea, my Mother's Sister.  I wanted to make her page very feminine. So I added pearls and sparkle glitter glue.  Her hair style is so fun!
Beatrice Ann Chaplin
 I purchased this paper with cars on it just for this picture.  I think my cousin told me this was my great uncle Vic and a friend but the more I look at this picture I think it is another brother.  Not sure but that is what I am going with.  My second cousin in England is going to visit a nephew of these great uncles and hopefully he will be able to tell us more.  I don't know the make or year the car.

Great Uncles and a car

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