Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mystery Solved

Back in May of 2010 I wrote this post about a picture of an unknown couple.  One of my second cousins in England had sent it to me.  He thought it might be from the New York branch of the family.  The copy of the picture he had was in a cardboard folder with the name of a photography studio in Brooklyn, New York.  My Grandfather and a couple of his brothers from England lived in Brooklyn, New York.  I had hopes of it being my grandparents. 
Well time has passed and my second cousin found another cousin and went and meet her and they had a lovely visit.  This cousin is a granddaughter of the second youngest son of our Great Grandparents.  So she is a generation closer then we are.  She told us the picture was an engagement picture of our
Great Grandparents. 
My first reaction was this is right, I could see a younger version of my Great Grandparents in the faces.  But I had to raise the question of the Brooklyn folder.  My cousins went back and checked with the granddaughter and she confirmed it was a picture that was in her home as she grow up and it was of her grandparents on their engagement.  I am taking her word for it.   There must have been several copies of the picture.  Somehow one of them made it to New York and was placed in a folder from Brooklyn.  Maybe someone needed the frame it was in to put a new family picture and placed the old family picture in the folder.  Somehow that folder with the picture made it back to England.  The granddaughter confirmed that the sons in New York sent money back to their Mom when she became a widow.   
So here is the picture of
Mary Ann Holmes and Walter Thomas Chaplin
on their engagement.   
I wonder why her face is so serious.  Maybe it was the style of photography at that time. 
Here is the only other picture I have of my Great Grandparents together. 


  1. love the picture Mary. what do you think she is holding? wouldn't you love to know how this picture traveled back and forth?