Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Adventures at the Family History Center

I went to the Family History Center today to view a film that was currently in the Mesa Center but had been requested by someone else.  I had looked at the film two weeks ago and hadn't found what I wanted. I had viewed about 450 of the records on that day. The dates weren't in order so I had to view the whole film. 

So today I went back I went to the same machine I had used the last time but I remembered one of the missionaries there told me another machine had better magnification, even though both are marked high magnification.  So I moved to that machine and I could see a lot clearer right off the bat!

So I looked at all the records from 450 to the end 1000.  No Peter Hartmann.  I had an index that told me the record was on this film.  So I had to persist.  Now the interesting thing was and I noticed the same thing the last time I was there viewing this film.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  I tried looking away and then looking back after I cranked.  The head movement made it worse.  I was determined I was going to find the record. 

My nausea was so bad at one point I went to the bathroom and almost throw up.  So back to machine because like I said I was determined.  This time I went back to the 450th record and worked backwards.  Every 20 recorders I would take a break, look away and if needed I got up and walked.  I found my record it was #9.  You got it right at the front of the film and I debated with myself if I should start at the front or where I left off. 

The moral of the story, go to the machine with the good or the right magnification right off the bat.  And if you debate with yourself maybe you should listened to yourself.  Boy do I wish I had, if I had it would have saved me time and a bout of nausea.

Marriage Certificate of Peter & Barbara Hartmann
So since this record caused me so much grieve I am posting it here for your viewing pleasure. 

On small step for me and my ancestors.

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  1. It's wonderful that you found the record, just too bad it caused such problems for you.