Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A new Trick I learned & I am Sharing it

While catching up on my reading of blogs.  I read a great tip on The Family Curator by Denise.  You do need to read her story about losing a flash drive and then finding it.  I did check with her about sharing her tip and she did give me the go ahead.

She used screen shots from a Mac but I use a PC so I thought I would share the same tip but using Screen shots from a PC. 

Got to your Start Menu > Computer > Removable Drive.

Right Click on the drive, on the fly out menu click on Rename.

If you are not sure what is in the drive you can click on the drive and you can view the contents. Then name is correctly.

Here it is with the new name.  Be careful with the name it only allows about 13 characters.

To add identifying information follow the steps below to add a text document and/or a contact card. I am using Windows 7, so you screens might look a little different.

You can double click on the pictures to see them larger.  You can also change the font style and size, I made mine big and bold since many of us have senior eyes. 

Well I hope you never lost your flash drive, but now you can be prepared and identify it first.  One more trick Denise suggested was to label it with an address label, so it is quickly identified from the out side.  I also have the one I use at the Family History Center on a lanyard so I can recognize it from the rest of the ones I have here at home. 

I return it to my research bag after I have downed loaded the new files to my computer.  I do that because I showed up at the Family History Center one day with out one and of course I had a good document I wanted to save. 

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