Monday, April 11, 2011

Did I Really Find the Right Building??

Edith on Roof
 I have a picture of my mother at about age 4 or 5 on the roof of the apartment the family lived in.  Notice the shape of the roof with the lower and two higher sections.   Last night I Googled all the addresses I have of where Edith lived.  Since she was born in December of 1916, and this picture could be about 1920 or 1921.  The address of the 1920 census was 958 54 St, Brooklyn, Kings, New York. 

Same address?

Now check out the roof line on this building.  Do you see something similar?  I do.  It was one of those exciting moment you have while doing Genealogy.  I am sure these buildings have been gutted on the inside and remodeled a few times in the last 92 years.  I do not always trust Google to give me the exact addresses. 

Close up of Edith

Here is a scanned close up of the same picture. 

Back of picture.

Here is what her older brother my uncle wrote about her outfit.  Sounds like an older brother.

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