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52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History: Bedrooms

Describe your childhood bedroom. What furniture did it contain? Were there curtains, wallpaper or paint? Was it messy or clean? Did you share a room with your sip siblings?

I had a total of three childhood bedrooms the first one I remember was in our home and Whitestone, New York. The first bedroom was in the back of the house on the second floor. It was also the room that my mother hung laundry out on the clothesline. There were two twin beds in this room and I shared this room with my brother George. Sometimes I had the that was on the left and sometimes I had the bed that was on the right I don't remember exactly how we decided who slept in what bed.

Some of the memories of this bedroom include having the chickenpox, mumps and a very vile stomach flu, it took me a long time to drink apricot nectar after that stomach flu. Of course the other memory of this room was watching my mother hang the laundry out on a clothesline. The clothesline when a cross our whole double decker backyard and attached to a wall behind our house. She would wheel the laundry out to let it dry and then wheeled it back in when it was dry. There was a pulley at each end of the clothesline. This was a second-story window so she had to carry the laundry up from the basement through the main floor and up to the second floor.

Our House 1949 Whitestone, New York

When I was older like nine or ten, I was given my own bedroom in the front of the house. In this room there was just a double bed. I also have a little desk, dresser and a chair. There was wallpaper on the wall there were there were curtains and on the windows. One time when we had company my mom came to sleep with me in my room. I wasn't accustomed to anybody sleeping in with me and so I kicked her out of bed. She was not very happy with me. I remember her very clearly telling me to stop it.

In the picture above, the window over the front door was my bedroom window.

Mary in 1968 in my Florida bedroom

When we moved to Florida I had my own bedroom again, well of course, I was the only girl! This bedroom is also in the front of the house it was painted pink and had rose curtains in the windows the interesting thing is I don't think I really like pink it's an okay color but it's definitely not my favorite, this is the room I that I slept in until I left home. This room has memories of my own portable radio. Before then the radio was only in your room if you were sick. My own radio was pink with grey nobs. I spent many hours laying on my bed and listening to rock and roll. I had a twin bed in this room. 

I also spent a lot of time reading in my bedroom.  I spent so much time reading my Mom would yell at me, "Go outside and dust those cobwebs off."   She wanted me to be active and balanced. 

This is a later picture of me when I was 20, me in all my glory in orange baby doll pajamas.

My brother Eddie in my room 1968

One of the sad memories of this room was when my Mom was very sick with cancer and she was in a hospital bed in my parent’s room, her twin bed was in my room. I had a nightmare one night and I remember I ran around that extra bed to get to her room. There was a night nurse since my Dad was working and she just told me to go back to bed.

Mary 1968 packing to go to New York

One of the happier memories was backing for a trip to New York when I was 20.  I had left home for a while and at this time I was back at home.  I was to meet a pen pal Ken in New York, he lived in Ohio.  He gave me the American Airline poster I have over my bed, in the other picture.  Unfortunately he forgot my Aunt's phone number and we never meet up with each other. 

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