Monday, July 25, 2011


On Saturday I was making some scrapbook pages about my Dad. I decided to scan the back of the picture and show it on the page. It was labeled "Georgie" Hartmann. Now my Dad was not a Georgie to me, he was a George. Well he was mostly Dad or Pop but never a Georgie.  I do not remember my Dad telling me any of stories about his childhood.  I am glad he was a Georgie to someone.  

Back of Baby Picture

That address on the back of the picture is the same address on his Dad's draft notice for WWII. 
Baby Picture

The only story I remember is that when he graduated from St. Fidelis his class was the last graduating class from that school in 1926,  I don't remember he telling me about playing games, or things he enjoyed. 

I just Googled St. Fidelis in College Point and I guess it is a school again.  I also found this link about a book.

St. Fidelis Parish in College Point, NY - The First 75 Years 1856-1931

by James E. Haas

The story of one Queens, New York, parish--its priests and people--as a microcosm of the German-American Catholic experience from the mid 1850s through the early part of the 20th century.

Yes he grandfather was from Germany.

Back of Communion Picture

Communion Picture

As a parent he was strict, didn't like fooling around or teenage girl drama, and I was mild with the drama.  I wonder why?  He taught me there was no free lunch and if it was worth doing, it was worth doing well.  There was a place for all things and all things needed to be in their place.  His favorite quote was, "There is the Army way, the Navy way and my way or the highway."

I would have liked to know more about his childhood and his parents.  He just didn't talk about those kinds of things.

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