Monday, October 22, 2012


More pages from my life story scrapbook.  This is the start of my nursing career.  Yes that is my school pin on this page.
Student and graduate LPN

The story page

My nursing career

began when I enrolled in the Broward Vocation School in the LPN program in September of 1965 at the age of 17.  The teachers made it very clear to me that I was the youngest student they had ever accepted and they were not sure it was the right to accept me into the program.   I think they pushed me harder than some of the other students.
On October 13th I had an emergency appendectomy, it was a Wednesday night.  I missed school on Thursday, Friday & Monday, which was a half day of testing for a scholarship.  I walked in to school on Tuesday and I was asked what was I doing there; they had dropped me from the program.  I told them they could not drop from the program because I had not missed 5 days of school; I had missed 3 days of school.   I do not remember thinking that was gutsy back then but in retrospect it sure did take some guts to stand-up to what I know what is right.   I was able to finish the year long program but they made me make up two days of school at the end of the year.  I spent my make time cleaning the classroom for the new class coming.
I was nominated to be the student of the year from my class and I attended the LPN Nursing Association Conference.  Each school had two representatives so we traveled to the conference.  I think it was in Jacksonville, Florida.  I forgot the name of my fellow student. 
Yes my career has been an…

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