Friday, October 19, 2012

My Senior Prom

These are two pages from my life story scrapbook I am making.
Ed & Mary
My Senior Prom Story

Senior Prom

May 1965
My date was Ed and now I can’t remember his last name and he was my best friend’s older brother.  Barb was my first roommate after LPN school.  Funny how I can remember things we did together and were we meet but can’t remember her full name.

I made my dress, it was a bride’s mail pattern and I wasn’t an experienced enough seamstress at the time to know how to change the sleeves.  I also think at the time I liked the idea of the long sleeves but I didn’t like them the night of the prom, too warm.  It was a beautiful shade of teal with white lace trim.  The fabric had a satin finish, very slippery fabric to work with.

After the dance, which I have no recollection of where it was, we took a cruise bot down the International Waterway in Fort Lauderdale.  Ed and I dance a lot but we had absolutely nothing in common and it was nice of him to take me to my prom.  It was and last date.  I didn’t date a lot in high school but I had a date for the Senior Prom.

 I sewed on the dress every night after school and work in my bedroom.  I stayed up way to late on school nights working on it.  As I sit here writing this 47 years later, I think the dress is what I remember the best.

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