Friday, April 15, 2016


Last month a fellow genealogist J Paul Hawthorne came up with a clever idea to show the place of birth of your ancestors. He used an Excel spreadsheet and my Facebook feed was filled for a couple of days with colorful charts. It was enjoyable to see all the variations of colors and places. 
Of course I participated.  Here is mine chart.

This lead me to another idea I had seen of an age chart and I had been wanting to do a Cause of Death Pedigree.  So I combined the two together and came up with the following. This chart is only 4 generations and not 5. 

You can click on the pictures to see a larger image. It was a fun idea and an enjoyable activity.  Paul even made a Pinterest board for the charts if you want to see some more. 

I just decided to play and I made a new chart just now, it is a Birth and Death Place Chart all in one. This even shows more migration of myself and ancestors. The top line is where the person was born the bottom line is where they died or in my case living.

Happy Searching!


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