Friday, March 6, 2015

Belated February Birthdays

Yup I did it again, I am late for a very important date!
Well actually for a few dates!
First my Great Uncle Owen Glynn Chaplin.  I didn't know him personally, I didn't know any of my great aunts or uncles.  My Aunt Bea who was a niece told me the following about Owen, who was known as Glynn.

Glynn is standing in the back row, second from the right.

He was the 10th child of my maternal great grandparents born on February 10th 1906.  He did not know my grandfather William,  his own brother, as Owen was 3 months old when William left for America.  Glynn worked as a British Naval Designer or Marine Engineer.  He married Ida Lee in 1936 and had one son Robert Glynn born in 1945.  He did visit the states in 1950 and meet some of the family here.  My grandfather had died in 1925.  My Mother, his niece, died in 1949, so he never meet Edith. 
I have no idea if he and my Dad meet or not. 

A family story goes while talking to my Uncle Bill who was about to have a daughter and they were thinking of naming her Victoria but Great Uncle Owen said Valerie was a popular name in England and so my cousin's name is Valerie. 

This Birthday is also shared with a cousin Robin.  We share the same grandfather William I mentioned above.  I don't know him very well as he is 9 years older than I am.  I have recently reconnected to him and I receive a newsy Christmas letter from him each year.  

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