Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fearless Females Favorite Female

Today I'm posting about my favorite female in my family tree. I'm getting my ideas from Lisa's blog

This is my Aunt Em, my Dad's sister. This picture was taken at my Dad's & Mom's wedding day in 1949. I feel like I have known her forever, of course I have. She was one of the aunts I sent my time with in-between mothers, while Dad was at work. When I was older and before we moved to Florida she also took me to the Zoo, the movies, Radio City Music Hall in NYC to see the Rockettes and the Museum of Natural History. I'm sure we did lots of other fun things but I have forgotten them.

When I was 15 my parents sent me to New York to visit my aunts, I spent a week with each one. Aunt Em lived in Long Island City, Astoria, Queens and my Aunt Bea in Massapequa, Long Island, New York.

I flew to New York to see Aunt Em when I was 20. That was a great trip for me. We wrote to each many times a year. When she moved to Florida I went to visit her up in Cocoa Beach.

Here she is celebrating her 80th Birthday with two of her sons, Joseph & Thomas. She was working in a medical office still at this age. She finally quit when they went to a computer system to make appointments a year or so later.

This is the note she wrote on the back of her picture, her handwriting at 80 was the same as when she was younger. My husband gets a kick out of her, because shortly after we were married she sent me a letter and she was always very formal and addressed the envelope Mrs. Richard B. instead of Mary B. He still teases me about that. My husband is very traditional, me I'm a little more modern, after all I do have a hyphenated last name.

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