Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A Family Story!

Today in 1959 was the day my Dad proposed to my Mom or so the story goes. The details that are missing are where did he ask? Did they go to dinner first? Did he have the ring on that day? Did he have flowers? How did Mom feel? I mean here was a man who was a widower with a 13 month old. How did Dad feel? He said he would love both of his wives forever. How did all the family feel? I think everyone was happy and pleased with the match. My aunts told they they loved my Mom as if she was a sister.

It was a very short dating time five weeks at the longest. I don't know how long Mom cared for my Mother in the hospital but they probably became friends there. I not sure if friends is the right word. In the late 40's patients went to the hospital to die. Even Mom was in the hospital for almost 4 weeks before she died and that was in the mid 60's.

I know from my past dating experiences I would not have felt I knew a man well enough to marry after 5 weeks of knowing him, They married in June of 1959. I guess when you know it's right you do it.

All I remember is Dad would say, "Oh it's St. Patrick's Day this is the day I proposed to your Mom." I wish I knew more.

Mom never said much about it either.

I guess the lesson here for me is to tell my kids more about my courtship with their Dad.


  1. Mary, I so love to read the stories of your two mother's! You have a way letting us feel we have come to know your family personally.
    Please keep up the great job!

  2. Texicanwife,
    Thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment and your encouragement. It has been fun and I have leanred a lot also. I hope I'm clear about my two mothers, they are both very important to me. Happy St. Pat's day!

  3. Well, at least you know the day he proposed, so that is something! :) They must have had a very special relationship.