Monday, August 22, 2011

A Duh Moment

This morning while at work I had a Duh moment and I had to wait until this evening to post it. 

I know that the family story is my grandparents, my Dad's parents did not like my mother because she had been previously married and that marriage was annulled.  (According to my parent's marriage license.)  They considered her the "Gay Divorcee"  and not good enough for their son.  So the story continues they waited until my grandparents were gone to get married. 

After I started doing my Genealogy and paying attention to dates I realized that my grandmother has been gone three years and my grandfather two years.  So why the wait?  This morning while at working and showing one of my co-workers my lovely pages.  I was reading the area on Politics and look what I notice!

Is it because they waited for WWII to be over!  It sure looks like it.  The war ended in September and they were married October 9, 1945.

My Dad was exempted from going into the service during WWII because he was a New York City Fireman.  I would think it was still a very busy time for firemen.  Plus an unstable time in the country. 

I'll never know for sure but it sounds reasonable to be.

One small step for me and my ancestors.

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