Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Life Story Pages

School Picture 1924

Some of my work friends get together once a month to scrapbook at a friend's house.   So I did some more work on my parent's life stories.  Mostly my Dad's at this time.   This one is a school picture.  I do not know which boy he is.

First Holy Communion 1925
 This is his First Holy Communion in 1925.  In this picture he looks so much like my brother, or my brother looks so much like him.  You think you where looking at the same person.  The apple didn't fall far from the tree.   I really like this package of blue and brown paper I found for his pictures.  I thought my Dad looks a little old for First Holy Communion, I thought I made mine at age 8.  I wonder why the delay, or was this really confirmation?  I made mine at 11.  But in his own handwriting on the picture he wrote Holy Communion.  I guess maybe things change between 1925 and 1959. 

Graduation 1926

Dad's graduation from St. Fidelis Catholic elementary school.  My dad told the story that he was the last graduating class from St. Fidelis. So all these years I thought the school was closed. I was surprised after a Google search to find that it is still open. When I study the class picture of 1924 I noticed that it is a wood frame building now the school is a brick building I am guessing he was the last graduating class from the wood building that was replaced with the brick building. That is  my dad for you his stories have an interesting twist to them.

Christmas at the Hartmann's 1940
This picture I am going to place in the place in the album I am making for the Grandparents.  What I know about these pictures was that everyone liked to go to the Hartmann's.  My aunt Em told me that there was good food and good company and happy times for holiday dinners. This is the house my grandfather and Dad built and the same house I lived in until I was 11. My dad took over the tradition of having holiday dinners at our home. My memory is more of chaos too many people, too much cooking, too much cleaning up. Also as a kid I had to sit at the kids table and since I was the oldest cousin, I didn't think this was very much fun. The kids sat in the kitchen. 
My Maternal Grandmother
On this page I have a picture of my maternal grandmother this is Minnie Elizabeth Spahn in 1905 in her graduation from nursing school picture. Isn't she beautiful.

The start of my life story

Earlier this week I was still very excited about the Here's What Happened pages that I just had to use the page for 1948 the year I was born. Though this is the first page of my life story that I've started. I'm not planning to do a lot on this right now but I couldn't resist doing this one-page.
This has been a lot of fun working on these pages I'm getting kind of excited about sharing these with my brothers when they're finished hopefully they will enjoy them.

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