Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tech Tuesday

Today on tech Tuesday I would like to review Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is a speech recognition software that types what you speak. I only received my software on Friday so I've only had a couple of days to work with it.

The first thing I used Dragon for was to write a blog post, I did that particular post in a Word document. Today's post I am doing right on the blogger new post page. I found working in the word document a little easier than working on the blogger page. 

I also use Dragon for writing an e-mail right in my e-mail program without any problems. The activity I enjoy using Dragon the most for was transcribing a letter. I was able to read the letter and have Dragon type it a lot faster than I would've been able to type the letter.

There is a CD that comes with the program that teaches you how to use the program I have not completed viewing the CD but I strongly advise it. I particularly like this program since I'm not a good speller and this improves the spelling in my documents without using spell check. The hardest part I found is keeping my thoughts organized in my head and dictating them. I have noticed as I'm using the program more that my dictation is flowing better.

It will take you some time to learn all the new commands. Do I think this program is for everyone?   No, but I enjoy it and I'm glad I have it. I just reviewed this post for spelling errors and there was only one where two words ran together, I usually have multiple spelling errors. Spell check is my favorite invention.

The other little tricks that I've notices you must be sure your microphone is off because as you reread something out loud it will start to type it. I'm also noticing that the accuracy of the word recognition has improved since my first use of the program.

If you are a slow typist I would highly recommend this program. Is it a must have? No.  Is a nice to have? Yes.

I would have some time limitations on when I can use this as the location of my computer is by the TV room it would be difficult to use the Dragon Naturally Speaking with the TV on in the background plus you'd be interrupting the TV watcher as you're speaking.

I purchased the home edition and I am including a link here. I did not pay the price that they are presenting here on their website I paid a lot less on QVC. So shop around for a deal.

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  1. I've been using Naturally Speaking also. I love it and am finding that it's getting easier to get the thoughts from my brain, to my mouth and onto the computer screen :) I find myself a bit tongue tied at times which drives me drazy because I have all of these complete thoughts flying around in my brain wanting to get out!

    PS. I love your blog background.