Saturday, April 14, 2012

My First Find on the 1940 Census

See what happens when you can't sleep at night!

On Lines 18 is my Grandfather George Joseph Hartmann, line 19 is my Grandmother Mary Jirak Hartmann, who gave the information for the enumerator.
Line 20 is my Dad and he was working as a Fireman.  21 is my Aunt Em and 22 is my Uncle Richard.
I was a little surprised to see my Dad living at home at age 27.

This is the link I used to help find them.  It was really easy.  Direct Me NYCYou look your family up in the New York City directory of 1940, I went to Ancestry and typed in the cross streets and after scanning a few pages to get to the right street I found them.  How easy is that!!! If you have New York ancestors go try it you will like it!

One small step for me and my ancestors!

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