Sunday, April 1, 2012

Treasure Box

Last week I was in Miami, Florida for vacation and drove up to Davie, Florida to visit with my brother.  I hadn't been there very long when he said, "I have something I want to give. I was going to mail it to you but I am too lazy."  When I saw what was in his hand I exclaimed, "Dad's Cigar Box." This is what he handed me.
Dad's Cigar Box and a Record Jacket
Paper's in the Box

Paper from the folder
Some of the items include:
  • Dad's Certificate of Birth, Baptism & Marriages to both of my mothers
  • Copies of his parent's death certificates
  • My Mom's Annette Report of Separation of Service.
  • My Dad's Address book
The amazing thing is about a week before I went to Florida I thought, I wish I had my Dad's address book.  And now I have it!!  One of those Genealogy Serendipitous Moments!!!

More posts will come with details of the contents.

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  1. Wohoo! Happy dance time!

    PS We have oodles of old cigar boxes. My dad and grandfather used them to store all kinds of cool things. Now we do too.