Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

The lady on the right is my maternal great grandmother ~ Mary Ann Holmes Chaplin.
The lady in the middle is one of my great Aunts, Mary Ann's daughter. My cousins & I think it is Edith L. Chaplin. 
The other lady is a mystery.  Who are you dear lady?? Reveal yourself to me!

Three Ladies


  1. Do you know where this was taken, Mary? The window on the left looks like it's stained glass. Could this have been taken near a side door to a church? Might that be a clue to who the older lady is? I love photographs like this where the photographer asked the subjects to stop for a minute and he/she snapped the photo. Lovely.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    This is what my second cousin in England told me. And that is all I know.
    That picture outside the front door! It is not Avondale Road, Gorleston. It could be in Norwich? The old lady on the left could be a neighbor or Mary's mother or Walter's mother. Walter's mother did die in Norwich. I think my mother said that when her father took her round to see Mary and Walter an old lady lived with them in Avondale Road.
    I did just have a thought I could do a census check and see if I can find a neighbor.