Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maybe I Found a New Relative

Well he isn't really new, I knew he was out there, but I made a connection today. I was re-reading my great uncle Fred's letter. I have had this letter since 1978. When I first became interested in Genealogy I asked my Dad for some names to ask about the family and I wrote them letters asking questions. As tight lipped as my Dad was about his family, I'm kind of surprised he gave me any names. I really don't know this great uncle Fred but he graciously answered me. I regret that I didn't stay in touch but I went on a mission came home etc, etc.
Here is a picture of the letter, where he mentions my Great Grandpa Joseph, his sons and the oldest son Peter, his wife & children. Notice my old yellow highlighter.

Two Saturdays ago when I found my Great Grandpa Joseph on the 1900 census, & my grandfather George as a son. I notice right under my grandfather a Peter Hartmann. I wondered if this could have been the oldest son of Joseph and the brother to my grandfather. It could be very possible they lived right next to each other, Great Grandpa was a widower with small kids. A daughter-in-law right next door would have been a big help. So today I compared the census with the letter. My first reaction was it is a match but there are some questions, which means I must do more research. The wife is Barbara in both sources, both mention four kids. There is a slight variation in the names and sex of a couple of the kids. But how well does a nephew remember these details? The census has two girls and two boys, the letter 3 boys and 1 girls. The census names are Susan, Percival, Barbara & Peter. The letter names are Peter, Percy, Buster & Sue. I don't remember all my cousins names either but I haven't seen any of them since I was 11 and moved from New York to Florida.

My great grandfather is on the previous page, why couldn't they been on the same page?? There is no new house number for Peter but a new family number. Does that mean they were all in the same house?
I felt so close there for a minute and now I'm so not sure. More research is needed!!! More Census, more directories, more everything. Wish me luck.

One small set for me and my ancestors.


  1. Ha, this is the story of my life lately... every document found raises more questions than answers! It sure keeps us interested, doesn't it?