Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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Tonight I went to the Family History to view the film that had come in from Salt Lake City. The film had Joseph Hartmann's Death Certificate on it. I now have his parent's name, well I cannot read his mother's maiden name. His Dad was Fritz the mother is Anna. Joseph is buried in Lutheran Cemetery.
So far I cannot find his grave or an obit, but maybe on another day.
Check out how they spelled his occupation. I took a picture of the certificate while it was in the viewer as well as a digital imagine. I'm glad I took the picture, it is almost easier to read. One of the most important parts and the writing is faint and has fancy letters.

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This is the picture with my camera where his parents names are.

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  1. Taking the photo was a very good idea! That image is clearer. The first letter of her last name I believe is H - compare it to the H in Hartmann. I think it is Heiss. Interesting too is that he had been in the US a lot longer than he had been in NYC.