Friday, January 21, 2011

Arizona Family Histroy Expo Friday

In a word it was a marvelous day!  It was lots of fun to meet the people I have meet on line and to meet them in person.  All the classes were good, some were wonderful.  I learned something at each one.  I will write more at another time.  Now I am going to post a couple of pictures and study the syllabus to decide what classes I am taking tomorrow. 

The Blog House
This is during the first hour of the Vendor Mall being open.  There were so many bloggers we had spread out to many tables. 

me in the Blog House

Shortly after this picture was taken I was off to my classes.  I learned lots of good stuff. 

 Friday Night Dinner

The day started with an excellant keynote speaker encouraging to learn and do new things.  It ended with an excellant talk given by M. Bridget Cook.  If you ever have the opportunity to here her speak, take it. 

Now I have to pick out my classes for tomorrow!!

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