Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Genealogy Fun

On Saturday the 8th, I had my two great nieces here visiting with me.  Heather the younger one came to learn how to sew a binding on a quilt.  While we were looking of pictures from Thanksgiving on my computer. I started showing her some of my family pictures of my grandparents and parents.  Later her older sister Amy came to pick her up and I was showing her my scrapbook pages I am making of my mother's life.  It was fun sharing these stories with these fun and charming young ladies.  They were interested and very encouraging.  It was very natural and fun to share family stories with them.  Amy even suggested I should make a calendar and use my old family pictures on my calendar.  What a clever girl!

The funnest part of the whole day was as I was showing them pictures of my parents I noticed writing on the back of a black and white copy of my parents wedding picture.  It said "Our Wedding Day October, 9, 1945".  Well it wasn't my father's writing and I realized with a shock that it was my mother's handwriting. 

I have owned this picture for awhile and I can't ever remember seeing the writing before.  So it was a thrill for me to realize that this was my mother's writing.  The only sample of her writing that I have.  It kind of boggles my mind that I never realized that before, then again I have never been this interested in my family history.  I am so glad I saw the back of the picture and realized the small treasure I found.

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