Monday, January 17, 2011

Arizona Family Histroy Expo

The Family History Expo is getting closer, I only have to wake up four more times and it will be here! 

Have I decided what classes I will be attending?  NO, I am suppose to be doing that now, but instead I am updating my blogs.  Well that is important also.  The agenda has 16 pages of classes. The program is 44 pages and the Syllabus is 381 pages!  I better start deciding. 

I must not forget to charge my camera battery so I can take pictures.  I have to check out the vendors and see if I need to ask any question of them.  I have to make plans to meet my friends at lunch.  I sure hope the one restaurant across the street has some extra help on hand. 

Look what I found on page 28 of the program.  I will be in good company with a lot of great bloggers.

See you there! 

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